Donation List

We are glad you found our site! We accept donations at our facility on Monday nights 4-6pm and Thursday nights between 5-7pm. Our new facility is located at 2360 Dakota Drive, Grafton WI. Please visit our facility page for directions. Please note that we are no longer accepting donations at any other location or at any other time. If you are unable to drop off your items during our donation time, please contact us and we will do everything we can to find something that works for everyone. Please message us on Facebook if you have any questions about donations or would like to learn more about our donation process.

We are streamlining items to be more gender-neutral. The following comments are for more clarity to our list. As a reminder, these items go straight to our homeless friends, so clean items are appreciated.

Item Donation List

Women's Pants

Men's pants, seasonal (we are especially in need of 32, 34, 42, 44)

Jeans, hiking wear

Sweatpants / Leggings of all sizes

Kid's Clothing

T-shirts, short- and long-sleeved: 2xl and up

Hoodies and sweatshirts: 2xl and up

Socks, new and used

Shoes - No Dress Shoes

Sheets, clean

Pillows Clean

Blankets and comforters

Hygiene products, travel-sized: bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, and deodorant. Regular-sized toothbrushes and new washcloths.

Luggage, backpacks, purses

Winter jackets (September-March)

Summer jackets (April-August)

Sleeping bags

Underwear: men's and women's, new

 New or used bras preferred bra sizes are 36 & 38


How Else Can I Help?

Your donation purchases food items, hygiene products, and gas for the truck so that we can be there for our friends every Saturday morning outreach!

We can't do it without your help:


Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge is a 501c(3) outreach organization serving the homeless community in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.