About Us

Our mission is to serve and support our friends.

Our Vision

Creating a welcoming community in which every person receives their basic necessities, guidance, hope, and compassion.


Our History

September 2007: Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge started with 6 backpacks and open hearts for distribution to our friends in the city.

2012: Mr. Bob's became a 501(C)3 to better serve our friends through outreach and compassion.

July 2019: Mr. Bob's launched a mobile shower-trailer to provide a hygienic option for our friends.

The Impact

Building a family of volunteers who embody our culture of serving others & committing to the well-being of the homeless and the hurting


Meet Our Team



Our Co-Executive Directors


In August of 2023 Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge hired their first ever Co-Executive Directors, Les Feiler and Dave Poethke. Together they have been dedicated and passionate volunteers of Mr. Bob's for nearly a decade. They have seen the organization through all phases of growth, and they have now transitioned into a role that will help the organization continue to grow and serve.

As Executive Directors, Dave and Les are committed to ensuring that our organization runs smoothly and effectively as well as championing our projects for the future.

Board Members

Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge is proud to be run by a passionate and dedicated board. For over 6 years, the Mr. Bob's Board has also included several Youth Board Members made up of talented and enthusiastic high school students who are committed to the progress of the organization.

Bob Burmeister - President
Katie Sadowski - Vice President
Rahim Keval - Treasurer
Cheri Hesse - Secretary
Kim Jaeger - Volunteer Coordinator
KC Kranich - Community Liaison
Jade Erickson - Board Member
Connor Kraus - Board Member
Grace Kittel - Board Member
Hope Kittel - Youth Board Member
Anna Morrell - Youth Board Member
Christian Schlidt - Youth Board Member
Max Yefimov - Youth Board Member
Scarlett Wielebski - Youth Board Member
Sophia Delcid - Youth Board Member