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A community in which every person receives basic necessities, guidance, and hope.


  • The Start

    Mr Bob's Under the Bridge started in September of 2007 with 6 backpacks and open hearts for distribution to our friends in the city.

  • 501 (c) 3

    In 2012 Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge became a non-profit to better serve our friends.

  • Showers

    July 2019 Mr Bob's Under the Bridge launched a mobile shower trailer to provide a healthy option for our friends.


  • Building a community of volunteers who truly believe in our culture of serving others.
  • Contributing to health and well-being of the homeless and the hurting through kindness and our commitment to their basic needs.


John Arcuri


John has been proudly involved with the Mr Bob’s organization since 2013 and has served as president since 2018. He is owner of Milwaukee Warehouse which provides warehousing and distribution services in southeastern Wisconsin. John’s parents taught him at a very young age the joy of serving others. This passion to serve has remained with him throughout his life.

Kim Leupold

Vice President

Kimberly has been involved with Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge for over 3 years. She enjoys serving as Vice President and Volunteer Coordinator to assist with our outreach needs. Currently, she teaches Health & Physical Education at Brookfield East High School and is the Advisor for Best Buddies club. Kimberly is passionate about building community connections. She believes that every human deserves to have their basic needs met; food, clothing and shelter. Every Saturday at the park helps to make that possible for our friends in the community that are homeless or struggling.

Cheri Hesse


Cheri has been involved with Mr. Bob's for over 10 years. She has been on the board since its inception, the first 5 years as President.  Cheri is currently retired.  Cheri was inspired by sermons at Advent to think outside the box and get involved in something.  It was about the time that Bob was expanding and needing help outside of Cedarburg Outdoor Power Equip. and my employment at Advent.  This was also an outreach that appealed to her and grew with it.

Ethel Veik


Out of school I worked at the Taylor Electric Company doing Billing, Accts Receivable, Accts Payable and advertising for 48 years. While there I worked at Advent Lutheran Church as the treasurer for 37 years. While at these two I worked at Sound Designs for the last 17 years doing payroll, accts payable, accts receivable and anything that needs to be done. I do aerobics Monday & Wednesday morning and during the summer golf afterwards. Tuesdays I play tennis at the Elite in Mequon. In the winter I play tennis Tuesdays and Fridays. In the summer I golf on Fridays. On Thursdays I work 9 hours at Sound Designs. I bring work home to do on the weekends. In between I work on Mr Bob's Under the bridge Financial reports. My husband helps me keep our condo in tip-top shape. Entertaining people is an endless chore to be done whenever there is time. I am in charge of a tennis group on Fridays including their weekly schedule and bringing balls. Right now I am making out their schedules which is quite difficult as so many are on vacation during the year along with all the holidays.

Board Member

Pam has been involved since with the organization since May 2018. She has served on the Board since Dec 2018. Pam’s current employment is as a Community Connect Consultant for iCare (Independent Care Health Plan). Other charities Pam supports include: Simple Hope - co founder, Streetlife, multiple Food Pantries state wide Friends of State Street Pam has been blessed with health, love, family and most of all God’s grace. Pam was born with a heart to serve the underserved and Mr Bob's is one place she is called to execute her heart’s mission.

Board Member

Shannon has been involved with Mr. Bob’s since 2016. She came across Bob’s Facebook page and her son Noah was looking for a confirmation service project at the time - he and Shannon came to sort items on a Thursday night and then began volunteering on Saturday mornings at the park. Her husband and their other two children became involved with Saturday morning volunteering and Shannon’s husband now assists as a driver. She became a board member in 2018. Shannon currently works as a social work manager for Optum Health working with infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She has always been drawn to helping those in need and love the grass roots feel of this organization. Bob’s passion drives this organization and it’s an honor to be a part of an organization serving those in need.

Youth Board Member

Katie has been volunteering for Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge since August of 2018 and has been a Youth Board member for the organization since October of 2018. Katie is a senior at Cedarburg High School and volunteering for Mr. Bob’s is one of her greatest passions in life. She is so thankful for the opportunity to help those in our community while also getting to know their incredible stories.

Youth Board Member

My name is Jade Erickson. I am a junior at Cedarburg High School and new to this organization. I have heard many great things about Bob’s under the Bridge and can tell it will be a great experience. The people are super nice and I can’t wait for the rest of the years to come!