About Mr. Bob's

Our mission is to serve and support our friends.

Our Vision


A community in which every person receives basic necessities, guidance, and hope

Our History

September 2007

Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge started with 6 backpacks and open hearts for distribution to our friends in the city.


Mr. Bob's became a 501(C)3 to better serve our friends through outreach and compassion.

July 2019

Mr. Bob's launched a mobile shower-trailer to provide a hygienic option for our friends.

The Impact


Building a family of volunteers who embody our culture of serving others

Committing to the well-being of the homeless and the hurting

Our Team

John Arcuri, President

John has been proudly involved with the Mr. Bob’s organization since 2013 and has served as president since 2018. He owns Milwaukee Warehouse, which provides warehousing and distribution services in southeastern Wisconsin. John’s parents instilled the value of serving others at a young age. This passion to serve has remained with him throughout his life.

Pamela Alarcon, Vice President

Pam has been involved with Mr. Bob's since May 2018 and has served on the board since Dec 2018. Pam works a Community Connect Consultant for iCare. Other charities Pam supports include Simple Hope and Streetlife. Pam was born with a heart to help the underserved, and Mr. Bob's is one place she is called to execute her heart’s mission.

Cheri Hesse, Secretary

Cheri has been involved with Mr. Bob's for over 10 years. She has been on the board since its inception and served 5 years as President. Sermons at Advent inspired Cheri to get involved with her community. At that time, Mr. Bob's was expanding, so it seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Since Cheri joined, her love for the Mr. Bob's family has only continued to grow.

Ethel Veik, Treasurer

When she is not handling Mr. Bob's financial reports, Ethel is active in her community. She worked at the Taylor Electric Company doing billing, accounts, and advertising for 48 years as well as Sound Designs for 17 years. She served as the treasurer of Advent Lutheran Church for 37 years. Ethel loves to use her skills and work experience to help those in need. She also stays active as a golfer and tennis player!

Dr. Michelle Graham, Board Member

Dr. Graham joined the Board of Directors in January 2020, following her inaugural partnership with Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge while serving as the President of the Medical Society of Milwaukee County. As a physician, she serves as the East Region Chief Medical Officer for UnitedHealthcare and has been recognized as a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Michelle is passionate about population health, medical education, and ensuring compassionate and respectful care for the underserved.

Katie Sadowski, Former Youth Board Member

Katie has been volunteering for Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge since August 2018 and a Youth Board member for the organization since October 2018. Volunteering for Mr. Bob’s is one of her greatest passions. She is thankful for the opportunity to help those in our community while getting to know their incredible stories. She left this fall for the University of St. Thomas, and we miss her dearly!

Jade Erickson, Youth Board Member

Jade is a senior at Cedarburg High School. She has been volunteering with Mr. Bob's for a year and recently became a youth board member. Jade values her experience with Mr. Bob's because it has given her the chance to meet many kinds of people and go out of her comfort zone. Her kind heart has helped the people around her grow while she grows as well.

Ruby Slavin, Youth Board Member

Ruby is a junior at Cedarburg High School. She grew up with the Mr. Bob's team; she has been volunteering with Mr. Bob's for the past 7 years and is now a youth board member. Ruby describes her experience with Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge as that of a growing family. With every new person she meets, she can expand her family and spread the compassion of the Mr. Bob's community.

Isabella Covert, Former Youth Board Member

Isabella began working with Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge when she was 14 years old and became a youth board member in her junior year of high school. She describes it as an eye-opening experience. Mr. Bob's named its youth scholarship after Izzy! She currently majors in Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin and enjoys coming back to help out when visiting home.

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Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge is a 501c(3) outreach organization serving the homeless community in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.