CityPak Sponsorship

The CITYPAK Project, an initiative of the Selma Breskin Kaplan Foundation, was founded by Chicago businessman and philanthropist Ron Kaplan. CITYPAK provides a safe, convenient and versatile backpack that is uniquely designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the homeless.

Inspired by the simple desire to create something that would make life on the streets of Chicago a little easier, Ron shared his idea with the design team at the international adventure travel gear manufacturer High Sierra. The ongoing goal: to design and provide a useful, high quality backpack for the homeless.

Fees & Tuition

Please Sponsor One Of Our Friends With A CityPak

  • CITYPAKS were custom designed with the needs of the homeless in mind
  • They are large and made from a durable ballistic nylon that allows them to withstand the elements
  • They have anti-theft webbing loops and multiple compartments
  • Integrated rain poncho that covers person and pak.
  • Your contribution helps give people who live on the streets a tool to keep their personal belongings safe.