Isabella and Katie

This is a picture of two of the most caring and loving young ladies I have the honor of volunteering with on Saturday mornings. I’m so humbled that Mr Bob’s has touched their hearts. I asked them to write “Why I volunteer for Mr Bob’s.” Read both stories to the end and you’ll understand why I love them so.


Here’s what they wrote.


I started volunteering with Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge through Advent Church’s youth group when I was fourteen. We would do small service projects (baking cookies for Christmas, putting together packages, etc.) to contribute to the organization. When Bob told us his story and shared with us the harsh reality of homelessness, I felt the need to help. I went to the church on Thursday nights to sort clothes and stock up the truck for the distributing on Saturdays. After a few years of helping on Thursdays, I started devoting my Saturday mornings to waking up early and heading down to the park to give to the homeless instead of sleeping in. You can’t understand the concept of homelessness and everything that goes along with it until you meet the people and know them by name. Living in Cedarburg, it’s hard for us to wrap our heads around what these people’s lives are like. There is only so much we can do to help, but we do everything that we can, and nothing goes unnoticed. The gratitude the homeless have is immense and their ability to enjoy their time with us and have fun despite their situation is admirable. Going to visit every Saturday creates a bond with people so different from yourself and gives you the opportunity to make real friendships. The experiences I have had through volunteering have shaped the way I see people, sparked a need to help others, and changed how I view homelessness in our society.


Volunteering for Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge has been the single most important and meaningful thing I have ever done in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help the people of Milwaukee and to improve the lives of those in need. This experience has opened my eyes and my heart to the lives of the homeless and I have developed a strong sense of compassion for the beautiful people that I help each week. Since I’ve started volunteering I have met so many wonderful souls with love in their hearts that they still strive to share with the world, despite their challenging circumstances. However, the most powerful thing that I have witnessed and learned from volunteering with Mr. Bob’s is the power of love. The love that is shared between the volunteers and the people that they are helping is astounding, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Kosciuszko Park on Saturday mornings is transformed from a place of turmoil, hate, and struggle, to a place where love conquers all of those qualities through the compassion of the volunteers and of the homeless. My Saturday mornings with Mr. Bob’s are the best part of my week because I am given the opportunity to improve the world by showing compassion to others and spreading love.

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