Saturday at Ziedler Park with Moxie Pictures

moxie-logoYesterday, Moxie Pictures a production company out of New York filmed Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge for Aurora Health Care.  Aurora Health Care is calling it “Invisible Bonds”.   The commercial will be about people helping people in Milwaukee as I understand.  Although feeling very blessed for the opportunity it brought me challenges, are we exposing our friends to something for only our gain,  how will our friends react to such a large production (at least 25-35 people plus tons of equipment from Moxie), and lastly will this help the homeless community as a whole.

My heart was racing as I showed up at the park around 6:30 to start spreading the word to our friends as to what was happening.  I nearly pulled the plug on the entire operation when I saw all that was involved.  I looked up and asked, am I doing the right thing for all involved ?  Then I was reminded that I’m only able to do God’s will as he appoints me.  I felt relieved after that moment passed.  I talked with the entire production crew and expressed all of my concerns and challenges that all of us would be faced with this morning.  After a 10 minute talked and we parted I had many of them come up to me and tell me not to worry that they will respect and be as invisible as possible.  I had to snicker a bit thinking how in hell are they going to hide ? The outcome was outstanding everyone on the crew was more than compassionate with our friends.  No moves or direct contact were made without checking with me first.  You all know how much love and respect I have for our friends that I didn’t want to see any of them hurt.  I’m kinda like a mother goose watching over the flock.  It turned out to be exactly as they stated with a few glitches which were mostly on my part being overprotecting.  By the way they did change my wardrobe to this silly looking Elmer Thud cap (sorry Ben).

As well all of our park volunteers spent the morning as if it was a normal Saturday in the park.  Thanks John, Cathy, Mary Beth, Sara, and our outreach churches Faith Harvest Outreach and New Creation church for adapting to the day.

Thank you Moxie and crew for calming me to the point that even our friends were telling me “just let it be Mr Bob we’re fine”.  I’m so blown away by your ability to adapt to our situation with the main concern being our friends well being.  I look forward to seeing the final product.  I’m sure you portrayed us just like every other Saturday. With great appreciation we would also like to thank you for the generous donation.

Reality set back in (after a camera followed me around most of the day, close up shots, group shots, blah blah blah) our friend who I’ll call Jonathon asked to talk with me privately.  Johnathon had been in housing for quite some time but was released for some unknown reason.  He was crying and talking about how he didn’t want to start over on the streets again.  He explained that the streets become nearly impossible to live on after a period of time.  The addiction the survival the begging etc scares him to death.  As I listened I became somewhat emotional and shared my prayer that I say everyday with him.  The tears rolled down both of our faces as we finished.  I felt so helpless at that point as to what can I do to help outside the normal resources that are available. I’ve challenged our board this year to address these issues.  We will figure out how to help.  Our board loves input so if you have any or want to get involved let us know.  Johnathon is becoming the familiar story I hear more and more.  I choose to make a difference in Johnathon’s life and others and will not stop until we as a society treat everyone as children of God.

Be Well and God’s Blessings

Mr Bob

Here’s where Wisconsin is ranked among our surrounding states when it comes to providing for the homeless.

Total Spending - Pie Chart (1)

About Mr Bob's Under the Bridge Inc

Mr Bob's UNDER the BRIDGE is an outreach serving the homeless community in Milwaukee WI.
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