Ms Cathy April 2015

April 2015

Spring may have arrived, but it is still cold. The temperature this morning hovered around 40o. As we pulled into the park, both John and I were struck by the sight of a lovely young woman. She was standing in the park, wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals without socks. Her arms were wrapped around her body while she shivered uncontrollably. Within minutes of our arrival and the arrival of our partners at New Creation Church, she was enjoying a hot cup of coffee while eating hard boiled eggs, doughnuts, fruit, and a hotdog. I said a silent prayer that we would have the other items she needed.

The day continued at the park as it normally does. Hygiene items were handed out from the back of the truck. Bedding was handed out near the side door of the trailer. Coffee, hot cocoa, and food items were distributed at the tables, and we volunteers were all running around, doing the jobs that we know by heart. Before we knew it, the time had come for us to leave. While John and I were getting back into the truck, we looked to the left. There stood that same young woman that was shivering when we first arrived. Now she was wearing a pair of jeans, a sweater, coat, socks, and shoes. She had a hat in herpocket. She was smiling while she was talking to our friends who regularly come to the park. One would not have known that it was the same woman. I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving that we were able to help her. I don’t know her story. I may never see her again. But I am grateful that we left her  better than we found her.

God’s blessings to you and yours,

Cathy Norene

About Mr Bob's Under the Bridge Inc

Mr Bob's UNDER the BRIDGE is an outreach serving the homeless community in Milwaukee WI.
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