Peshtigo High School Volunteer Club

Forty-four students from the Peshtigo High School Volunteer Club joined us on our journey yesterday.  They came on a day that got them up at 5 AM to meet the bus to travel unnamedto Milwaukee.  They came on a day that brought cold damp weather to stand outside and serve our friends in the city.  They came on a day to experience compassion and caring.  They came on a day to open their hearts with gifts of gloves, hats, hand warmers, bags, and homemade lunches.  Students were broken into teams of 5 and managed their station for the gift giving. Dan Vanidestine the force behind this incredible group instructed them months ago that each team would be responsible to obtain the items that were handed out.  Dan should be nominated for teacher of the year.  I’ve known Dan for quite some time and he always had a heart for the homeless population.  Dan road with us many years ago when we were first starting out.  He’s been such a blessing to Mr Bob’s.  I’m lucky to have him as a partner with the same passion I have for our friends.

As I sit back today and collect my thoughts the thing that keeps coming back to me how respectful and willing these kids were.  In today’s society most of the news we hear about kids is negative.  These kids were a breath of fresh air.  IMG_1924Our volunteer staff was blown away as how the kids got involved without being asked.  It’s like they’ve been with us for years.  Our friends were pretty impressed too.  I heard behind the scenes “What a great thing for them to do I’m happy I showed up today”  “That girl just asked me if she could help me find something”  That one boy asked me if I wanted another cup of coffee”

In my normal fashion I hugged every one of them as they got back on the bus.  They thanked me for the opportunity to serve.  My response “Keep giving what you can and you will be rewarded with joy”

God’s Blessings to each and every one of you.

Mr Bob



About Mr Bob's Under the Bridge Inc

Mr Bob's UNDER the BRIDGE is an outreach serving the homeless community in Milwaukee WI.
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