“God Today May I Excuse……….”

A friend and partner of Mr Bob’s handed me a note Saturday as we reached out to our friends in the city.  The note went like this:

“God today may I excuse rather than accuse the people around me when I don’t know their motivations.  Let me see everyone through your kind eyes.”

Annette always touches my heart.  She is an amazing lady that opens her heart and reaches out not only to our friends but everyone she comes in contact with.  I always leave with something to think about when we talk.  I couldn’t get that note out of my mind, thinking how judgmental I can be.  I need to remember that when serving our friends it doesn’t matter how they became homeless, what addictions they have, or how much they take of the goods we share.  My job is to show compassion and care for the few short hours I’m lucky enough to be with them.  Thank you Annette for bringing me back to what our core mission is.

We had several special guests that joined us yesterday.  Cheri Hesse who is our board president along with Alex Heyn a long time friend of Mr Bob’s manning the truck handing out hygiene, socks, underwear etc.etc.  It was great to see the joy in their faces as they worked together making sure all our friend’s needs were met.

Our third guest was Nancy Camden who is a free-lance journalist for Wisconsin public radio.  Nancy contacted us and is doing a story that will air sometime in February.  I’ll post it as soon as it’s available.


Nancy Camden


This week “The Point in Time Count” will be done.  Teams will visit with our friends all over Milwaukee County to get an accurate count on our homeless population.  The data will be gathered and sent to HUD who then in turn will support the various agencies to end homelessness.  I will be volunteering my time at the Dry Hootch warming room on Brady St from 7PM-11PM Wednesday and then will ride along with the Milwaukee Police Dept HOT team from 1AM-3AM Thursday morning.  I’m excited to be part of this project, I’ve met so many people who share the same love as I have for our friends.

Be Blessed This Week

Mr Bob


About Mr Bob's Under the Bridge Inc

Mr Bob's UNDER the BRIDGE is an outreach serving the homeless community in Milwaukee WI.
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